This Speed-Riding Video Will Have You Holding Your Breath!

Speed-Riding is an interesting activity that combines both skiing and paragliding into one exhilarating experience. Usually, speed-riders start off by skiing down the side of a mountain and as they pick-up speed, they also start to catch big air. Eventually they’ll leave the mountain behind altogether and go soaring through the air, before eventually returning to Earth, hopefully on their skis once again.

The video below, which comes our way via the Adventure Journal, does a good job of showing off the sport. Caught on helmet cam, the video starts out with a typical skier out for a downhill run. But eventually that skier runs out of snow, which is when things start to get a bit interesting. I couldn’t help but hold my breath as I waited for him to gain some altitude, and I can’t be the only one to watch this video and fear for the safety of those skis.

Speed Riding Chamonix 3 juillet 2011 GoPro HD 960

Kraig Becker

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