Aussie Adventurers Announce Round Trip South Pole Expedition

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Two Australian Adventurers, James Castrission and Justin Jones, have announced their intentions to ski unsupported to the South Pole and then return to their starting point along the Antarctic coast later this year in an effort to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous Amundsen-Scott race to the Pole.

The duo plan to begin their expedition, which they’ve dubbed Crossing The Ice, this October. They estimate that it will take upwards of three months for them to cover the 2200km (1367 miles) on foot, while dragging 160 kilogram (352 pound) sleds behind them. Those sleds will be their life line, as they will contain all of their supplies and gear for the long weeks out on the ice.

Castrission and Jones are no stranger to difficult, long distance journeys. The two men became the first to row from Australia to New Zealand a few years back, covering 3318km (2061 miles) in the process. They expect this to be an even bigger challenge however, as they face one of the harshest, most inhospitable environments on the planet. They’ll be undertaking the expedition to raise funds and awareness for the You Can foundation, an organization that is building special cancer centers for children across Australia.

According to their website, the start of the expedition is still more than 73 days away and during that time they’ll continue on their training and preparation. They’re also likely to be one of a number of teams that will be traveling to the South Pole this year as the celebration of both Amundsen and Scott ramps up. It’ll probably be a very busy season at the bottom of the world, with even more ambitious projects like this one.

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7 thoughts on “Aussie Adventurers Announce Round Trip South Pole Expedition”

  1. Yet another team attempting the South Pole this year – there's going to be traffic!

    Are they the two guys who feature in Solo?

  2. Yeah, it's going to be nuts down there this year. Lots of teams heading there for the 100 year anniversary. Should be fun to follow, but it's going to be crowded at the Pole.

  3. You know Jordan, there will be like six people there. AT THE SAME TIME! 😉

    With the 100th anniversary, there seems to be a higher number of teams going South this year.

  4. I'm wondering how many teams are goind to be the first on tthat expedition. J&J kept the idea quiete hidden the past years. I just knew they were up for something big in Antarctica. I'm disappointed it's "just" the return everyone wants to make.
    But they're quiete smart to start in October. The Ice is solid and not melting too much. If they start way earlier than the other teams, they have the chance to make it first. All other who'll make it after them will be second.
    Let the race begin!

    Exweb will probably make a special feature about all team doing the race.

    @Tom: No they did crossing the Ditch in a livable-kayak. Andrew McAuley started earlier with a normal kayak and nearly made it. His body was never found. I consider he showed us all it was possible. One of the bravest and most ambitious adventurer of the past decade.

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