Colder, The Story of Eric Larsen’s Save The Poles Expedition

Last Year, explorer Eric Larsen became the first person to visit the North and South Pole, as well as the summit of Everest, all in the same calendar year. He used his expedition to raise awareness of the challenges of climate change to our planet and the effect it is having on the “three poles.” Now, a documentary of this “Save The Poles” expedition is in the works, and we have the trailer for it today as well.

According to this story on the Wend Blog, the film is called Colder and the full length version will be coming soon. You can get a sample of it in the video below, where you’ll get just  a sample of what Eric went through on his expedition. Colder indeed!

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “<i>Colder</i>, The Story of Eric Larsen’s Save The Poles Expedition”

  1. 48 days in the cold? Wow. Larsen's an really admirable man.

    And I like what he said about his reason for doing what he did:

    "Because it might not be there in the future."

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