Human Slingshot + Slip and Slide = Epic Air

While we’re sharing videos today, here’s one more, just for the fun of it. It features a “human slingshot” which consists of a mechanical pulley system anchored to a pick-up truck, and pulled by an ATV, with an inter-tube on the other end. The tube is then pulled down a giant slip and slide, hurdling anyone riding  on it into the air, only to splashdown in the middle of lake. This sounds far more complicated than it actually is, and the video will make it it all clear. The question is, would you take a ride on this thing?

The video is a publicity stunt from Vooray, an outdoor, active clothing company, but it looks like a fun way to end the summer. Crazy fun!

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Human Slingshot + Slip and Slide = Epic Air”

  1. That thing has got to be a boy's dream come true. (I happen to be a big kid at heart by the way!) 😉

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