London2London Update: Sarah’s In China And Headed Towards The Sea

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It has been nearly five months since Sarah Outen set out on her London2London via The World expedition, so we’re long over due for an update on her progress. As you might recall, London2London is an attempt to circumnavigate the planet completely under human power, and considering Sarah has already rowed across the Indian Ocean, she knows a thing or two about human-powered adventures.

When she began her journey, Sarah started in London, and paddled down the River Thames, and across the English Channel, making landfall in France. After that, she jumped on her bike and started along ride across Europe and Asia. She’s made great progress however, and she’s already into China and making her way towards the Pacific Coast, where she’ll eventually kayak to Japan, and then row across the North Pacific, eventually arriving in Vancouver.

As you can imagine, it has been a very busy and eventful five months for Sarah, with lots of adventures on her route. Although she has been joined by a few others along the way, she’s currently riding alone, somewhere in eastern China. She’s well ahead of schedule however, and is likely to take some down time for awhile after this epic ride, as she doesn’t expect to start rowing the Pacific until the spring of 2012. In a recent blog post however, she did show off her new boat, the Gulliver, which she’ll use in that crossing.

Below you’ll find a great video of Sarah riding in China which will give you a sense of what it is like for her on the road day in and day out. The video was shot back in July, but shows her taking on a rather long and tough climb on her bike that is built more for strength than speed.

Stay tuned for more updates from Sarah as she nears the end of her first stage and gets ready to hit the water.

Kraig Becker