Outside Magazine’s 50 Best Places To Work

Face it. The economy is rough right now, and a lot of us wish we were working somewhere else. Fortunately, Outside Magazine has come along with their annual list of the 50 Best Places To Work, and it is full of outdoor and adventure related companies.

Each of the companies on the list are hot linked to a page explaining who they are, what they do, and where they’re located. The listing also gives us the best perks of the job and tells us if the company is hiring or not. That’s only the beginning however, as the in depth profile also shares the company’s approach to fitness, flextime, employee recognition, and oh so much more. It is a great resource for anyone looking for a job in the outdoor industry at the moment.

Some of the companies on the list are perennially in the top 50. Companies like Osprey Packs and Patagonia. Others are rather new, like Virgin Galactic, the company working to commercialize space travel. All in all though, this is a pretty great list of places to work and I think we’d all love to have a job at any one of these companies.

Once you’re finished perusing the best places to work, check out Outside’s other work related articles today. For instance, they also tell you how to find your dream job, as well as the six best jobs out there at the moment. Finally, they talk to ten different people who quit their regular jobs to pursue their their dream jobs as well. They share ideas on how we can all do the same.

Excellent stuff. Now, excuse me,  I need to go update my resume…

Kraig Becker

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  1. Maybe their so many company's were on hiring and a great place to work in but the question is, Are you qualified in any position?
    It's really hard to get a job now a days.

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