Teva Creates Custom Boot For Injured Penguin

The Gear Junkie shared this video earlier today, and it was just too good to not pass along. It’s about “Lucky” the penguin, who was born in the Santa Barbara Zoo. Not long after he hatched however, it was discovered that he had a bum leg that wasn’t developing properly. So, shoe manufacturer Teva, who is a sponsor for the zoo, stepped up to build the little guy a boot. The results are smiles on our faces and one happy penguin.

Great stuff for a Friday afternoon.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Teva Creates Custom Boot For Injured Penguin”

  1. Wonderful Kraig! Brought a tear to our eyes and great big smiles to our faces. Talk about responsive Corporate giving back and stewardship… Lucky is very lucky to have some people like Stuart Jenkins working there.
    Thanks for making our day Kraig!

  2. Glad this video could put smiles on your faces. It is definitely a feel good film! 🙂 Love the little penguin!

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