Top Ten Songs For Walking, Climbing, and Running

My good friends over at put together a fun little blog post a few weeks back that is sure to create some discussion. The post, which can be found by clicking here, is their selection of the ten best songs for walking, climbing or running.

Now, reading their headline and included text, I thought these would be the best songs to get you motivated and keep you moving while you’re outside, doing your favorite activity. It is actually more like a list of ten songs that are about walking, climbing, or running. So, without further ado, here are their selections for the best songs in this category:

  1. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Diana Ross
  2. River Deep Mountain High – Ike and Tina Turner
  3. Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield
  4. Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh
  5. Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden
  6. Ramblin’ Man – Lemon Jelly
  7. Walking In My Shoes – Depeche Mode
  8. Walk of Life – Dire Straights
  9. Step On – Happy Mondays
  10. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina and The Waves

So? What do you think? What did they miss? I’m thinking 500 Miles by the Proclaimers. What would you add?


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Songs For Walking, Climbing, and Running”

  1. Seriously, Tina Turner? I think this post was based on song title alone and not necessarily its content.

    With that said, how about Blues Traveler's "The Mountains Win Again"?

  2. i'm saying this in good humor and not maliciously but if i had to listen to any of those songs listed i not only would quit working out, i'd shoot myself in the head…

    Add Electric Frankenstein – Action High

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