Best Hike Takes On The GR 20 Hiking Trail In Corsica

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The GR 20 is a 180km (110 mile) trail in Corsica that is considered by many to be one of the toughest trekking routes in all of Europe. The route wanders north-to-south for nearly the entire length of the Mediterranean island, passing through remote and mountainous regions along the way. The combination of scenery and challenge have led some to name this the best trek in the entire world, edging out a number of more famous hikes.

This past June, Rick McCharles, the editor at Best Hike, traveled to Corsica to take on the GR 20 himself. Earlier this week he started posting his daily trip reports to the Best Hike blog, sharing his experiences on the trail, and from the first few updates, it is clear that he not only enjoyed his journey, but the GR 20 lived up to its reputation.

You’ll find Rick’s Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 reports by clicking on the links, and if his words don’t inspire you to want to try this trail for yourself, then his photos surely well. What he has posted thus far are beautiful, and sometimes scary, images from Corsica that not only demonstrate how difficult this trail can be, but how scenic as well.

I’m going to be totally honest and say that I had never heard of this trail until Rick shared it with me a few days back. Perhaps it is much more well known in Europe, than the world as a whole, but perhaps that also means that it isn’t particularly crowded while hiking it either. From what I understand, the length is a big part of the challenge, as much of it is spent at higher altitudes, and even in the summer, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Yet the payoffs seem like they are well worth it, and for backpackers looking for a new challenge, the GR 20 may be just the thing they need.

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  1. The GR20 is very famous in Europe. Most of hikers know about it but few have completed the entire length.
    Some people have done it mid-winter, which is very dangerous as very exposed, cliffs & ice.
    Not sure a solo hiker, well alpinist/hiker has done it during the winter time.And of course the record holder is Kilian Jornet in 2009:

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