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alastair humphreys adventurer has posted a great new interview with explorer and adventurer Alastair Humphreys to their blog. Humphreys is well known for having cycled around the world and trekking across Iceland, amongst numerous other adventures. Most recently, Alastair has been promoting “microadventures” as a way to inspire everyone to add some adventure back into their lives.

In the interview, Humphreys talks about what inspired him to become an adventurer and which of his journeys has been the most challenging so far. He also mentions his fondness for micoradventures close to home and shares his favorite pieces of gear, while giving us a few insights into what he has planned for the future. Hint: It involves a very long journey in a very cold place.

My friends at CheapTents were once again kind enough to let me tag a few questions on to their interview, and one of the things I asked was what tips Alastair had for adding a little adventure into our normal, day-to-day, lives. His response was the best advice that I think anyone could give: “Do it!” He of course goes on to expound on that notion, but too often we let little things get in the way of our living life more. We put up our own obstacles and make excuses. Sometimes, if you just “do it” you learn that those obstacles fade away and soon get left behind altogether.

Thanks to Alastair for such great responses and thanks to CheapTents for letting me be a part of the fun once again. Great work guys!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Wow! Alastair is a fascinating man. Just spend the better part of an hour on his blog. Very inspirational stuff, I'm going to give micro-adventuring a try.

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