Motorcycling Solo Around Africa: Jolandie Gets A New Mode Of Transportation and Sponsor

23 Aug 11 282929

A few weeks back I posted a story about Jolandie Rust, the adventurous South African woman who had set out to cycle around the Africa. At the time, she had been held-up in Angola and someone stole her bike and most of the rest of her gear. Since then, she’s briefly returned home, but is now eager to get back on the road, albeit with a different mode of transportation.

A few days ago, Jolandie announced on her blog that she would be foregoing her plans to circumnavigate Africa on a bicycle in favor of doing it on a motorcycle instead. She’ll still be traveling solo and still hopes to become the first woman to complete this journey, but her mode of transportation has changed. Obviously this means she’ll be able to travel much faster than on a bike, but she’ll also have to be cognizant of where she can get fuel as well. At the moment, she’s working out all the details and doesn’t have a date in mind as to when she’ll restart the journey, but she seems as determined as ever to reach her goal.

In addition to having a different method of transportation, Jolandie has also picked up a new sponsor as well. The Government of Angola, along with their Tourism Ministry, has agreed to become her primary sponsor for the expedition. It seems that the country, and its people, have really stepped up to help Rust in her time of need, and their support will allow her to continue her adventure soon.

So, look for more information on her blog soon. Despite the change in vehicles, there are still plenty of African adventures ahead.

Kraig Becker