Outside Expands Our Bucket Lists

WCMDEV 151177 climb grand teton

Earlier today, Outside Magazine posted their latest edition of the Life List, 50 things we can all add to our bucket list of items we want to accomplish before our time on this planet runs out. The list is filled with big trips, new skills, and a variety of other things to aspire to in our adventurous lives.

Some of the items that make the list include going climbing in the Grand Tetons, learn to kayak, and get into the best shape of your life. You’ll also be challenged to trek the Himalayas, master a second language, or simply just take a risk.

Of course, there are literally dozens of other things on the list as well, and I simply love the number one item, which is Get A Passport. This may be the easiest thing on the list to accomplish, and yet many people don’t have a passport. That one simple document really does open the world to you, and through travel, many adventures can follow.

This is a wonderful list and while it is a real challenge to accomplish everything on it it, there are a lot of things that are simple and easy to pursue in our normal lives as well. Give it a glance and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of new things to put in your bucket too.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “<i>Outside</i> Expands Our Bucket Lists”

  1. Awesome! For some reason a tiny percentage of you guys over in America have passports (so I've heard), seems odd to a Brit!

  2. More Americans have passports now that they're required to visit Canada and Mexico, but yeah Tom, they are much rarer here than in Europe or a lot of other parts of the world.

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