PowderWhore Productions Presents Breaking Trail

It seems the number ski and snowboarding films being released is starting to hit critical mass. Could it be that as the end of summer approaches (It’s officially over on Friday!), our need to play in the snow begins to overwhelms us? We still have to make it through autumn before we can hit the slopes, but to help us get there is the new film Breaking Trail from PowderWhore Productions, a film that celebrates backcountry skiing at its finest.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “PowderWhore Productions Presents <i>Breaking Trail</i>”

  1. I've notice that too :)The premier of Art of Flight in Seattle was pretty big; next week, a new snowboard movie premier is coming up ( “Twe12ve“ ); then there is The Grand Bizarre, Feels Like Home…and more

    Personally, I can't even seat through a movie trailer…so much snow make me wanna go..do anything other than seat and watch Youtube…

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