Video: Traveling Through The Alps

Speaking of traveling by motorcycle, the video below appeared on Gadling a few days back and it is simply too beautiful not to share. It was shot by a filmmaker who was riding a motorbike through the Alps, crossing through Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and France in just a few days time. The sights he saw along the way are nothing short of spectacular however, and will remind you why the Alps have remained a draw for travelers for centuries. Simply spectacular.

And Through The Alps from Gerard Kevorkian on Vimeo

Kraig Becker

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  1. Watching travel videos is like visiting the location yourself. A good travel video would amaze people with places they've never been to, just like the Alps. This is a beautiful video. It doesn't even need a narrator. You can just use imagination and the sense of sight. My favorite part is the waters. It's so calm.

    Rose Ector

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