Alex Honnold On 60 Minutes

Many of you probably caught the episode of 60 Minutes over the weekend in which rock climber Alex Honnold was profiled. If you haven’t seen it yet however, you’ll find the video embedded below.

Watching it Sunday evening, I thought that the piece was well done, gave viewers a good look at Alex and climbing culture, and was about as solid of a piece on climbing as you’ll get from the mainstream media. Of course, it was also wonderfully shot by the gang over at Sender Films, and there is a second video, found here, that talks about how they captured the footage. It is equally interesting and worth a look for anyone into climbing video and photography.

Of course, those of us who have followed his exploits have known about Alex for a long time. He is an amazing climber, but watching him work the wall, without any ropes, in this piece gives you a whole new appreciation of his skills. Definitely a must see.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I have watched a number of videos about him and then read even more. He is a very talented natural climber. I especially appreciate his quiet sense of confidence.

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