FEAT Comes To Canada!


For the past year you’ve heard me mention FEAT on multiple occasions. It’s the adventure version of TED Talks during which speakers get just seven minutes to share some aspect of their expeditions, giving them a limited time to convey their message. To date, there have been three editions of FEAT, all of which have taken place in South Africa. That’s about to change however, as FEAT Canada is scheduled to take place at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

FEAT Canada will take place on Tuesday November 15 and will feature nine top Canadian adventurers and athletes. The line-up includes Gary Robbins, Jen Olson, Kevin Vallely, Megan Rose, Nicki Rehn, Paul Gleeson, Philip McKernan, Scott Frandsen and Sebastian Salas. They’ll speak on topics that will include mountain climbing, long distance running, cycling, mountain biking, and more.

Tickets are now available for the event, which will take place at The Centennial Theatre in Lonsdale, North Vancouver, BC. The price of admission is just $15 and can be obtained by calling (604) 984-4484.

If you’re interested in attending, I’d suggest ordering tickets soon. FEAT Canada is only two weeks off and it will make a perfect opening for the film festival itself. Demand is likely to be high and $15 is a pretty inexpensive night out. Especially considering you’ll have the opportunity to have some great adventurers share their wisdom with you.

Hopefully FEAT Canada is just the start for this concept to go international.

Kraig Becker