Gear Box: High Peak Alpinismo Lite ‘n Fast Sleeping Pad

lite n fast pad

When it comes to sleeping in the backcountry a good tent and a comfortable sleeping bag go a long way to ensuring a good nights sleep. But any backpacker will tell you, to live the true life of luxury, you also need a good sleeping pad. Of course, plenty of gear manufacturers provide durable, comfortable pads for our camping adventures, but few give you the complete package – compact and light weight sleeping pads that you actually look forward to using.

High Peak, a company that specializes in quality outdoor gear, including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and more, offers a line of light weight gear under their Alpinizmo line. One of those pieces of gear is their Lite ‘n Fast sleeping pad, which is designed for the minimalist climber and backpacker who is looking to save ounces without giving up some comforts.

The mattress is shaped to accommodate a mummy bag and self-inflates to about an inch of thickness in just a few minutes. Once it is fully inflated,  the Lite ‘n Fast is nicely firm and comfortable to lie on, providing plenty of protection from rough terrain and insulation from the cold ground. That makes for a much more comfortable night in the tent, which also makes for a much happier hiker on the trail the following day.

Weighing in at 1 pound, 5 ounces (.6 kilograms), the Lite ‘n Fast isn’t the lightest sleeping pad on the market, but it actually tips the scales very favorably for a self inflating pad. Better yet, when it is rolled up and stored in its included stuff sack,  it actually is quite compact, taking up very little room in your pack.

With the Lite ‘n Fast, High Pack has designed an excellent sleeping pad that offers quite a lot of value in a small package, although taller backpackers may need to look for something a bit longer. The pad is 72″ inches (183 cm) in length, which is plenty long for most people, but anyone over six feet in height will start to hang off the end. I’m actually taller than that, but didn’t really notice any discomfort, but it is something to be aware of none the less.

Aside from that, I whole heartedly recommend the Lite ‘n Fast for anyone looking for a comfortable, well designed, and affordable sleeping pad that will see you through a lot of adventures, without weighing down your pack or breaking the bank. (MSRP $50)

Kraig Becker