Kayak Sessions Mag Announces Finalists For Short Film Of the Yea Award

Kayak Sessions Magazine has announced the finalists for their picks for the 2011 Short Film of the Year Award, giving a nod to some of the absolute best paddling videos to come out this year. Amongst the nominees are: Just Water by Twelve Production; Whitewater Grand Prix by Tribe; Dane jackson on Detonator by Rush Sturges; Rain Drop, by Stef Pion; Biluti River – Siberia by Tomass Marnics and Mitsasini River – Quebec by Bomb Flow TV.

Some of these videos have been featured on the Adventure Blog in the past, but the crew over at Kayak Sessons put them altogether in one fantastic video for us to enjoy. Check it out below, but be sure you have time to enjoy. The whole video runs nearly a half-hour in length.

On November 1st, you’ll get the opportunity to vote for you favorite video on the Kayak Sessions website, so choose wisely!

The 2011 Short Film Of The Year Awards from Kayak TV (Kayak Session Mag) on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker