New Everest Documentary Spawns Reality Series

A new Everest documentary entitled 40 Days at Base Camp, made its debut at the Vancouver International Film Festival last week, and will headline the Banff Mountain Film Festival next week. By all accounts, it is a gripping look at what happens on the mountain during a typical climbing season.

Evidently, the film must be something special, as filmmaker Dianne Whelan has already been commissioned to return to Everest next spring to shoot an 8-part reality series on the North Side of the mountain. The show is expected to air in December of 2012 and may be a replacement for the now defunct Everest: Beyond The Limit, which aired for three seasons on the Discovery Channel.

Below is the trailer for 40 Days, which looks very well done judging from this footage. Obviously they filmed this documentary on the South Side of Everest, which is considerably busier than the North these days. I’m sure they won’t have any shortage of good stories to tell from the Tibetan side of the hill though.

40 Days At Base Camp- Trailer from Andrew Coppin on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “New Everest Documentary Spawns Reality Series”

  1. sometimes too much coverage spoils the element of adventure, over the past few years I have lost charm for Everest due to excessive coverage and reality shows exaggerating every step taken by the individual. I hope other 8K peaks are left alone.


  2. I don't disagree with you Anil. While this documentary looks good, I'm not sure I need to see another 8-part series on Everest.

    By the time it ended, Beyond The Limit had worn out is welcome for me.

  3. Thanks for the post! I'm actually totally excited for a new series on Everest, don't know why. I just love adventure and love watching it. The out of touch people climbing Everest does get old after awhile.

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