Return of the Yak: A Mongol Rally Documentary

I’ve written about the Mongol Rally numerous times on this blog. It’s the annual road rally that begins in London, and various other European cities, and covers 10,000+ miles, before ending in Ulaanbaatar, the capitol of Mongolia. Along the way, the teams cross vast deserts, snowcapped mountain ranges, and miles of lonely road.

One of the teams involved in the 2011 edition of the race blogged their experience at, and is now in the process of making a documentary of their travels. You’ll find a trailer for the video below, which makes the Mongol Rally look like it is an amazing road trip adventure with a healthy dose of partying mixed in.

Warning: depending on where you are when you watch this, you may want to turn down the volume. The soundtrack could be a bit NSFW.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Return of the Yak: A Mongol Rally Documentary”

  1. Oh my days! Absolutely love the yak but you guys must be nutters to ride that around in Iraq! Where can I see the full documentary?

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