Ski The Himalayas: S3E1 – The Expedition Begins

The Ski The Himalayas team has just wrapped up another great season, showing off their climbing and skiing adventures in the highest mountains on the planet. All told, there were 13 episodes in this latest expedition, including 12 regular shows and a “Best of” video as well. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing each of them with you, as I think it is not only a fantastic webshow, but also an example of how anyone can have a great adventure in the Himalaya without destroying your bank account or using up all of your vacation. Series producer Ben Clark told me that he and his crew made this particular expedition on less than $5000 and spent just three-and-a-half weeks away from home, and yet they still had a great trip during which they not only bagged a summit, but made some turns on a big Himalayan peak.

We will, of course, start things off with Episode 1, which finds Ben and his climbing partner Jon Miller, arriving back in Kathmandu, where they meet old friends and prepare to head out to the mountains. A visit to Thamel, the shopping district in Kathmandu, is an adventure in and of itself, and the boys drop by to get their food and other supplies prior to setting out.

For anyone who has visited Nepal, these scenes will bring back memories of wandering the streets in KTM, for those who haven’t visited yet, it is a great primer on what to expect there.

Kraig Becker