Ski The Himalayas: S3E3 – Stuck In Jomsom

In the last episode of Ski The Himalayas, Ben Clark and Jon Miller, along with the rest of their team, were stuck in the small village of Jomsom trying to figure out a way to get all of their gear and supplies out to a remote mountain without the aid of porters. The region was too challenging to take a team of donkeys or horses, and it appeared as if the entire expedition could come to a halt if a solution wasn’t found.

In Episode 3, the team continues to struggle with the logistics of their climb and ski. With a limited window in Nepal, and no real shot of reaching their intended destination, they’re left wondering what they should do next. This is a situation that can occur on nearly any expedition, and at times it seems you have to learn to make the best of what ever situation you find yourself in.

Kraig Becker