World Rafting Championships Update

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The World Rafting Championships that I was lucky enough to attend this past weekend in Costa Rica,  wrapped up the final day of competition on Monday with the long distance, Down River event. That final rafting discipline followed three other days of racing that featured sprints against the clock, head-to-head races, and a test of agility through a slalom course.

Heading into the final day, the championship was still up in the air, and there were several teams that had a legitimate chance to win the competition. In the end, it was the young team from Japan that not only won the Down River, but wrapped up the men’s championship as well. They were followed in the point standings by the Czech Republic and Slovenian teams. For the ladies, it was just as good of a competition, although the standings at the top were revered. The Czech team took first place, with Japan coming in second, and the Netherlands claiming third. (Both the men’s and women’s American teams finished in seventh place overall.)

I’ve also uploaded some photos from the event so you can get an idea of what was happening there on the lovely Pacuare River near Turrialba, which is an outdoor/adventure sports playground in Costa Rica. You can check out my gallery of images by clicking here.

The WRC was definitely a lot of fun to attend, although it could benefit from a bit more organization. That said, considering the remote nature of the event, and the unpredictable conditions, I’d say the event organizers did a good job overall in keeping things running along as best they could.

Congrats to the winners of course, but to everyone who raced or put the event together. And thanks for hosting me while I was there!

Kraig Becker

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  1. It's amazing to see people from different countries participating and representing their nation to achieve a one goal. That river is fit to be the racing course of the world championship. Congratulations to the winning team!

    David Deland

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