Adventure Racing Site No Boundaries Introduces AR Power Rankings


Adventure racing and endurance sports website No Boundaries launched a new feature a few weeks back, introducing a list of AR Power Rankings for the first time. The rankings will be a monthly feature moving forward, and for now they are focused on the best teams in America, although I’m told they are pondering adding Canada soon and international teams possibly in the future.

So what teams made the No Boundaries list? Topping the rankings, at least for now, is Team Tecnu Extreme/Staphaseptic, who definitely had a great year in 2011. They’re followed closely by Dart-nuun and Wedali in second and third place respectively, with Team Bones and GearJunkie/YogaSlackers rounding out the top five. Team SOG earned a sixth place ranking, with Odyssey Adventure Racing/ taking seventh. CheckPointZero/Tech4o, Alpine Shop, and Bushwhacker finish off this list of strong teams.

The panel of AR experts who selected this inaugural power ranking line-up have posted their thoughts for each team as well. If you’re a fan of the sport, particularly here in North America, you’ll want to head over and read their justifications for picking the teams, and ranking them where they did. There are also a group of very good teams who earned “honorable mention” status as well.

This is an interesting list with the top teams well represented. What do you think? Did they get the rankings right?

Kraig Becker