Antarctica 2011: Emergency Evacuation From Weber Team

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One Antarctic team had a scary moment over the weekend when one of the members of the squad had to be evacuated from the ice. The story is a sobering reminder of the fact that even in the 21st century, the frozen continent can be a harsh and unforgiving place.

Kathy Braegger, who is part of Richard Weber’s expedition, was airlifted back to Punta Arenas after falling ill while out on the ice. She is reportedly getting plenty of medical attention and is doing well, but wasn’t in any condition to continue on with her teammates, who were understandably upset that she was forced to abandoned the journey. 

Weber, who is no stranger to the Antarctic, is leading the group to the South Pole from the Messner Start on the Ronne Ice Shelf. They’ll make the 900km (560 mile) journey on skis and then kite back to Hercules Inlet to complete their adventure. Reportedly all the other members of the squad are doing fine and so far their progress has been good. 
Kudos to the fine folks at Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions for pulling off the medivac for Kathy. The Antarctic truly is one of the most remote places on the planet, and getting a plane out to pick her up was no small task I’m sure. This is why ALE is the best in the business, and why most people rely on them to support their adventures at the bottom of the world.
Good luck to the rest of team and get well soon Kathy!
Kraig Becker

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