Bungie Jumping Into The Abyss

Bungie jumping has never been all that high on my “to-do” list, and bungie jumping into a pitch dark cave seems even scarier. But that’s exactly what this group of crazies did when the set up a jump in an abandoned gold mine in the Czech Republic and then filmed their little adventure to share with the rest of us.

The sensation of falling is always a bit unnerving. What must it feel like when you’re free falling into the abyss?

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Bungie Jumping Into The Abyss”

  1. These jumpers have nerve.

    Are they leaping from a protruding ledge? I'd be terrified of slamming into the rock wall on the bounce back…

  2. I was wondering the same thing. My guess is that the cavern opens up dramatically after they fall for a bit, so they are swinging back into open space before being hauled back up to the top.

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