CheapTents Interviews Explorer Rafał Król

rafal krol polish

My friends over at have continued their string of great adventure interviews, this time turning their microscopes on Polish explorer Rafał Król. Król has been on a number of epic expeditions, including a solo crossing of Spitsbergen and a traverse of the Greenland icecap in horrible weather conditions.

In the interview, which you can read here, Król discusses what inspired him to become an explorer, how he asses risk while on an expedition, and what he feels his biggest accomplishment to date is. Król answers the last one by saying his biggest accomplishment is that he is still alive, which will make you chuckle at first, but after you read about some of the conditions that he has endured, you understand why he says this. Rafał goes on to offer some great practical advice for those planning their own expeditions, while also sharing his favorite gear items. He also briefly touches on his plans for future adventures as well.

The CheapTents interviews have become an excellent source of information on some really interesting people who are on the cutting edge of exploration and adventure. I always enjoy reading what these explorers have to say and every interview provides some nugget of insight or information that I find fascinating. I like picking up those pieces of information and storing them away for my own future use, and this particular interview has plenty to take in.

Kraig Becker