Dutch Adventurer Explores Remote Siberia

Dutch adventurer Yuri Klaver recently competed a 45-day, 1000km (620 mile) solo journey through a remote region in Siberia. Along the way, he explored the Indigirka River between Oymyakon and Belaya Gora, not far from the Arctic Ocean. Klaver also spent a lot of time climbing in the Porozhny Mountains, exploring a part of the world that is seldom visited by westerners.

Yuri has started to post updates on his website, sharing his experiences from this journey, which began back in August. During his time in Siberia, he embarked on the first solo descent of the Indigirka River. It had been years since anyone else had traveled that direction, so Klaver was unsure of what to expect on the river, which featured dangerous whitewater, along with plenty of rocks and debris. He also discovered the region had unpredictable weather and plenty of wild animals, including regular encounters with wolves and bears.

The Dutch explorer intends to make a documentary of his adventure, sharing plenty of footage from his time in the wild. You can get a sample of that in the video below, which was shot in the early days of the expedition, but still gives you an idea of the conditions there and how beautiful and remote the region truly is.

Part 1 An early surprise at Suntar River from Yuri Klaver on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker