Les Stroud Returns To Survivorman!


While details are still a bit light, it appears that Les Stround will be returning to television with a new version of the show that made him famous. This morning, the following message on his website:

Les Stroud is about to head back into the field to film and produce NEW Survivorman Specials! He is upping the ante. Setting out for 10 solid days of lone survival. The original. The authentic. The only true survival experience. Airing on OLN IN CANADA, DISCOVERY SCIENCE CHANNEL IN THE USA and DISCOVERY CHANNEL INTERNATIONAL.

I know that this is welcome news for a lot of fans of the show and it sounds like they have big things planned. Apparently Les will be headed back into the field to start filming in just three weeks time, which means they are ramping up very quickly.  No word yet on where he’ll be going, but I’m already looking forward to seeing what he’ll be up to.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Les Stroud Returns To <i>Survivorman</i>!”

  1. I was thinking about that show just the other day when I was thinking about how helpless people are nowadays.
    I love the show and pick up good tips every time. acnezine

  2. Saw it today for the first time. Some nice scenery and could be good advice. However, one bit of advice. Fire your editor. Just because someone learns to make quick cuts in final cut does not by any means mean one should do it every couple of seconds. Its so distracting from what's going on. Cuts should not make you dizzy! Reminds me of a first grader that just learned to make an exclamation point and goes crazy with it. Get a new editor.

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