NASA Is Now Accepting Applications For New Astronauts

600px Astronaut EVA

Okay, so who didn’t want to be an astronaut when you were a kid? I mean, come on, it has to be the coolest job on, or off, the planet, right?!? Earlier today, NASA announced that it is seeking its next class of astronauts, which will lead us into the future of space exploration. You can read all about the process by clicking here or jump to the online job description, which can be found here.

The particulars of being an astronaut are actually quite interesting. The salary ranges from $64,724 – $141,715 per year, which seems on the low side considering the risks involved. On the other hand, I’d pretty much go up into space for free, so I wouldn’t complain too much if they actually wanted to pay me too!

It should also be noted that the job does hinge on an extensive background check and medical examination as well. Mandatory drug-testing is also part of the requirements, as is frequent travel. If that “frequent travel” includes going into low-Earth orbit and long stays at the luxurious International Space Station, then count me in. The job description also offers info on the requirements, how candidates will be evaluated, the benefits plan for working at NASA, and exactly how you apply.

I know that the economy is rough right now and lots of people are looking for jobs. Perhaps adding “astronaut” to your resume will help open some doors down the line.

Kraig Becker