Video: Descending Brazil’s Rio Mambucaba River

Earlier this year, expedition kayakers Ben Stookesberry, Chris Korbulic, and Pedro Oliva set out to take on Brazil’s treacherous Mambucaba River, a powerful run that drops more than 4000 feet over a distance of 20 miles. The three men made the first descent of the upper portions of the river, discovering massive drops, nearly impassable jungle, and rugged, remote terrain that turned the experience into a mix of both canyoneering and whitewater paddling.

In the video below, you get the team’s report on what they found along the Mambucaba and a glimpse at a part of the world that few ever have the opportunity to see. This is kayak exploration at its finest and it is an amazing thing to see.

Mambucaba Report from Ben Stookesberry on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker