Video: Harrowing Mountain Bike Crash

I came across this video at Adventure Journal earlier today and thought that while it was incredibly scary it was also worth sharing. The crash that you see in the video took place during the Victorian Downhill State Series of races that are held in Australia, and while it looks brutal, we’re told that the person involved in the accident was not injured. When you watch the footage however, you’ll see that if that is true, they were extremely lucky.

Steve Casamiro, who is the editor of Adventure Journal, wrote a nice piece with this video that I think many of us will find very fitting. It’s called “Finding Lessons in a Nasty Mountain Bike Crash,” and you can read it here. As Steve notes in the story, we’ve all been where this rider was, on a trail we probably have no business riding on, a bit out of control in part because of the nasty conditions, and then holding on for dear life. Most of us don’t end up in a crash like this one, thankfully, but when we do have our crashes, where ever they may come, the important thing is to get back up, learn from our mistakes, get better and move on. Hopefully that is what happened here.

Kraig Becker