Video: Tandem Kayak Attempts To Punch Through A Hole

Thanks to a lot of snow, which continued to fall well into the spring, some of the rivers in the western United States had record whitewater in 2011. That meant that the rafting and paddling season was a very good one, although some of those waterways were quite dangerous at times.

In the video below, which was shot on the South Fork of the Payette River, a pair of kayakers in a tandem boat attempt to punch through the “Seemore” hole in Slalom Rapids. The results are quite scary, and while they ultimately made it through, and survived, I couldn’t help but hold my breath when they hit those waters. One of the men was knocked completely out of the kayak, while the other was eventually forced to bail out as well. Crazy and scary at the same time.

Kraig Becker