Video: This Is My Winter Teaser Trailer

I post videos regularly here on The Adventure Blog, many of which give us an inside look at life on an expedition or in pursuit of some outdoor adventure. Few of those videos are as scary as these backcountry, alpine skiing/snowboard films, which often depict someone hurling down an impossibly steep mountain face and breakneck speeds.

That’s exactly what we have today in this teaser trailer for a film called This Is My Winter, which follows climber and snowboarder Xavier de Le Rue, who scales some impressive mountains, then proceeds to snowboard back down them. Much of the footage here is caught by his helmet cam, which makes it all the  more scarier, but the wide shots really give you a sense of the scale of these mountains, and just how vertical they are. At times it is just crazy-scary.

Thanks to The Goat for sharing this one.

Teaser – THIS IS MY WINTER from TimeLine on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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