Video: A Tour Of Antarctica’s McMurdo Station

McMurdo Station is an Antarctic research base that is owned and operated by the United States. Located on the southernmost tip of Ross Island, the place is sprawling, featuring three airfields, a heli-pad, harbor, and more than 100 buildings. At it’s peak season, such as now, it is home to more than 1200 people and is  an important center for scientific research on the continent.

Recently, diver Henry Kaiser visited the place to conduct some research of his own. He also created the short film below that shows what life is like at McMurdo during the busy austral summer. I thought you might enjoy seeing how the research teams in Antarctica live this time of year.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Antarctica is truly best place for scientist. I have visited this center couple of times and have noted unique information from who working there. I am getting excitement for Diver Henry Kaiser research.
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