Video: Trailer For Mountaineering Film Next Time Inshallah

Ever wonder what conditions are really like on one of these big mountaineering expeditions? Then take a look at the trailer for a new film coming soon entitled Next Time Inshallah. The film was shot earlier this year when a team of climbers attempted to summit Gasherbrum I along a new route in the winter. That same team, led by Gerfried Göschl and Alex Txikon, will give it a go again this winter, but after watching this video, you’ll wonder why they’d want to go back.

By the way, the title of the film refers to them successfully reaching the top the next time they climb, God willing.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Trailer For Mountaineering Film <i>Next Time Inshallah</i>”

  1. It's amazing how one can take such "boring to watch " sport like mountaineering and make it so great !

    I'm about to watch "Cold", and can't wait to see this one…

    But don't you think that films like this are interesting only to people who've been to the mountains at least ones ? at least hiking ?

  2. You're probably right Paul. My friends who don't share my passion for outdoor pursuits find this stuff not-so-interesting for sure.

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