Wim Hof In Columbia Omni-Heat Commerical

Remember Wim Hof? He’s the the Dutch guy who has earned the moniker of “Iceman” after finding he has an incredible natural ability to withstand the cold. He holds the world record for the longest ice bath (1  hour, 13 minutes, 48 seconds) and he once ran a marathon above the Arctic Circle wearing only a pari of running shorts. A few years ago he even attempted to climb Everest wearing just a pair of shorts and shoes. He failed, although he claims it was due to a foot injury. Since then, he has managed to summit Kilimanjaro wearing next to nothing.

Hof is now the star of a new series of commercials from Columbia that promotes their Omni-Heat gear, which incorporates electric heating elements into jackets, boots, gloves, and so on. In the commercial he demonstrates why he doesn’t need it, but us mere mortals just might. My favorite part of the commercial is the fine-print disclaimer that reads: “Wim Hof is a professional, You are not. Do not attempt.”

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Wim Hof In Columbia Omni-Heat Commerical”

  1. I've always loved Columbia, way before the whole "Omni-Heat technology"…They make great quality gear at reasonable prices…

    But the whole commercial campaign ? Absolutely horrible, I'd even say embarrassing, if not plain stupid…

    Now, compare it to the latest North Face commercial…Not a surprise that the same jacket costs twice as much…

  2. Paul, I’d have to disagree. I think Butler, Shine, Stern, and Partners did an excellent job with Columbia’s Omni-Heat Outerwear campaign. The product is cool enough to sell itself, for starters. Despite the fact that these commercials are 90% Wim-Hof and 10% Omni-Heat, their use of him as an anti-spokesperson was extremely effective, and you can see it in the numbers.

  3. We have juts profiled Mr Wim Hof AKA The ICEMAN on our webpage

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    Congratulation Wim you are Extraordinary!


    Information with Inspiration!

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