Antarctica 2011: Jordan In Low Camp On Vinson, Eyes Christmas Summit

mt vinson2

Just a quick update on Jordan Romero this morning, who is now in low camp on Mt. Vinson in Antarctica, where he is hoping to complete the last of his Seven Summit climbs. If successful, Jordan will become the youngest person to complete that feat at the age of 15.

The current plan is for Jordan and his team, which consists of his father Paul and stepmother Karen, to move up to high camp tomorrow, where they’ll rest, acclimatize, and prepare for a proposed summit bid on Christmas morning.

You can follow along with their progress on Jordan’s website, which is updated with current weather conditions on the mountain as well as text messages from the team and their current GPS coordinates. As I write this, it is -22ºC/-7ºF in LC, with a windspeed of 38km/h (20.5 mph). In other words, it is cold and breezy, which is just what you’d expect when climbing this mountain.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jordan’s progress. Hopefully he’ll be getting the best Christmas present ever on Sunday when he stands on top of Vinson and accomplishes the amazing goal that he set for himself when he was just 10 years old.

Kraig Becker