GB Row Challenge Returns In 2013

tower bridge finish

2013 may sound like a long way off at this point, but lets face it, 2011 is all but over and 2012 will come and go before we know it too. With that in mind, its never too early to start planning for a big adventure the year after next. And if your dream has always been to compete in an incredibly tough rowing race, I’ve got just the event for you.

The GB Row Challenge is gearing up to return in 2013, and teams will want to start planning and preparing now. The 2000-mile lone race begins and ends at the Tower Bridge in London and consists of a non-stop, unassisted circumnavigation of Great Britain. The teams of four rowers will face harsh winds, rough seas, crowded shipping lanes, and unexpected storms, as they attempt to join the very exclusive club of people who have finished this race. To date, only eight have done so.

The 2013 edition of the race will begin on June 1st and will pit teams against one another in three categories: pairs, fours, and eights. The entry fee is set at £4,000 (roughly $6250), with a prize of £15,000 ($23,466) going to the winners. Cash prizes are also awarded to the second and third place teams as well, and a special bounty of £30,000 ($46,960) will be paid out to any team that sets a new speed record in the race as well.

So just how long will it take to complete the GB Row Challenge? The current record for a men’s team is 26 days, 21 hours, and 14 minutes. The ladies have taken a bit longer to row around Great Britain, covering the same distance in 51 days, 16 hours, 42 minutes. Remember, those are the record times. Be prepared for it to take longer.

So, if you’re up for a little fun on the water in 2013, and have a penchant for punishment, you may want to consider entering this race. All you’ll need is a little determination, some physical preparation, and a good boat!

Kraig Becker