impossible2Possible Team Completes India Youth Expedition

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While I was away playing in the Caribbean over the past few days, the youth ambassadors from impossible2Possible were finishing up their seven day run across India. The expedition, which was a big success, came to an end today when the four runners completed their 270km (167 mile) journey across Rajasthan and the arid Thar Desert.

As is always the case with any i2P project, the goal is to use adventure to help inspire and educate students in classrooms all over the world, and the India Youth Expedition was no exception. The focus this time out was to demonstrate the importance of exercise for our overall health, but also how it can impact non-communicable diseases such as Type II diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. According to a 2002 report from the World Health Organization, about 50% of the world’s disease burden is now from non-communicable diseases, which is a radical shift away from infectious diseases like malaria or yellow fever.

The message that the youth ambassadors and the i2P crew were hoping to convey is that exercise and a good diet can help alleviate the dangers of non-communicable diseases, keeping us healthier and happier for longer. That is an important thing to impart on young students, who can start to learn about leading a healthier lifestyle now and incorporating that as they get older.

Congrats to the four runners,Β Emma Cook-Clarke, Jessica Kenny, Harshveer Sign Saluja, and Patrick Doughty, for completing this impressive run. Well done!

Kraig Becker