Nat Geo’s Adventure Travel Destinations For 2012

kayak bruneau river

As 2011 grinds to its inevitable end, it is now time to start looking forward to 2012 and making plans for our adventures in the year that is ahead. With that in mind, the National Geographic Adventure blog has shared their picks for the top destinations and activities for 2012.

Some of the places earning a spot on the list include Mammoth Mountain in California, which is famous for its great snowboarding and skiing. Those looking for a different kind of mountain experiences are encouraged to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a mountain biking adventure or visit China to take on the 7498 meter (24,600 ft) tall Mustagata. Paddlers will have plenty to choose from as well, as the list provides kayaking opportunities in Idaho and Rhode Island, as well as an epic canoe trip through the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

All in all, a pretty great list of suggestions for making plans for next year. I’ll be writing my own top ten travel list for soon, and this year I’m going to take a slightly different tact. Instead of listing a specific destination, I’m going to list a specific adventure from a specific travel company that can help you get the most out of your travels. So, rather than saying go to Nepal because its great for the following reasons, I’m going to instead recommend trekking the Annapurna Circuit with a specific adventure travel company. This is just an example, but I’ll be sure to share my list here once it goes live over at Gadling too. I think you’ll like some of the suggestions.

Until that time, be sure to read Nat Geo’s list, as it does have some great suggestions, not all of which will destroy your bank account.

Kraig Becker