Video: An Adventurous Life

I came across this video at the Adventure Journal, and found the imagery compelling, even if I didn’t understand the language. It depicts German adventurer Olaf Rieck on numerous expeditions over the years and offers up some of the more challenging moments of those journeys. Entitled Abenteuer Leben (Adventure Life) Part I, the video is a reminder that adventures are often incredibly difficult and challenging, and can make us extremely uncomfortable for days and weeks at a time. And yet, strangely enough, we still keep going back for more.

While some of the scenes depicted here look absolutely brutal, I can’t be the only one who views them and thinks “I’d sure like to be there.”

Olaf Rieck – Abenteuer Leben Part I from ulF wogensTein on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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  1. The words may differ, the images are shared by us all, the feelings too, and the meanings of our adventures experiences as well… I would like to be out there today also Kraig!

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