Antarctica 2011: Cas, Jonesy, and Aleks Are Done!

Just a very brief update on the story I posted earlier today, in which I noted that Cas and Jonesy were on the home stretch of their expedition to the South Pole and back from Hercules Inlet. A short time ago, the support team for the two Aussies tweeted out the message: “@casandjonesy have completed their world first rek across the ice! What aussie heros!”

Other than that, there aren’t a lot of details yet. We do know that Aleksander Gamme was waiting for them about 1km from the finish, so presumably the three men arrived at Hercules together. I’m sure we’ll get a lot more information tomorrow or in the days ahead, but know that they are safe and sound at the finish line and that they made it with time to spare. The last plane out of Antarctica is scheduled for tomorrow, which means they weren’t even rushed!

A huge congratulations to Cas, Jonesy and Aleksander on an amazing job. You three are very inspirational, and I know that you had to over come some major hurdles and challenges to accomplish your goals. It has been a real pleasure to follow along with you on this adventure. Now get some food and rest and start dreaming about warm beaches. I’m sure you’re more than ready.

Kraig Becker