Antarctica 2011: Waiting For The Last Plane Out

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Yesterday I posted the news that Cas and Jonesy had arrived back at Hercules Inlet, very tired and sore, but happy to have completed their long journey at last. There still hasn’t been much news from Antarctica regarding what it was like for them to finish the expedition, but according to their Twitter feed, they are definitely eager to get a hot shower and a comfortable bed.

Presently, the boys are still sitting at Hercules, waiting for the last plane to arrive. Bad weather, particularly high winds, are keeping that flight grounded for now and there is no word on when it might arrive to pick them up. That means another potential night in the tent, which after three months out on the ice, has to be getting old. I imagine at this point they are ready for their adventure to be done and get back to some of the comforts of life for awhile.

Judging from their tweets, the two Aussies are in good spirits, although extremely tired and sore. They’ve just spent 89 days traveling to and from the South Pole, covering 2270km (1410 miles) in the process. They’ve also become the first people, along with Norwegian Aleksander Gamme, to go from Hercules to the South Pole and back, completely unsupported. That is an impressive accomplishment to say the least, and they are deserving of some R and R in their near future. Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon, and they can begin their journey home.

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  1. Shame. My good friend, Felicity Aston, has just become the first woman to cross the antarctic solo and bumped into the boys as she was heading out of the pole! She too had dodgy weather and had to wait 24 hours for her bus out

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