Dave Cornthwaite Announces 2012 Expedition Schedule

pacific crossing

British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite, whom we all followed down the Mississippi River on a stand-up paddleboard last summer, has announced his plans for 2012. In the months ahead, Dave will expand on his Expedition 1000 theme by undertaking three new, non-motorized, adventures over both land and water.

Expedition 1000 is a project that Dave started back in 2006. The plan is to make 25 separate journeys, each at least 1000 miles in length, without using any kind of motor. The first of those journeys was a 3621 mile crossing of Australia on a skateboard. Cornthwaite followed that up with 1540 mile paddle down the Murray River, also in Australia. The third leg of Expedition 1000 featured a tandem bicycle ride from Vancouver to Las Vegas, covering 1396 miles, while the fourth was the aforementioned source-to-seas SUP journey on the Mississippi.

This March, Dave will sail from Cabo, Mexico to Honolulu, Hawaii – a distance of 3000 miles – with a group of strangers. The ship will have a crew of 12 and as of this writing there are still three open slots if anyone would like to join the crew. The voyage, which Dave describes as being a TED Talk on the open seas, will feature a series of workshops and lectures on the importance of our planet’s oceans. The trip is expected to take about 15 days to complete.

After that, Dave plans on taking a little dip in the Missouri River, swimming 1000 miles along that waterway and culminating in St. Louis. Starting in August, that challenge is expected to take roughly 50 days to complete, and as usual, others are encouraged to join in on the journey as well.

Finally, Dave will join Sarah Outen as she makes her crossing of Canada on a bike. As many of you probably already know, Sarah is in the midst of her London2London expedition, in which she is circling the globe completely under her own power. In November of this year, Dave will join her on a cycling adventure that begins in Vancouver and ends in New York. For this leg of Expedition 1000, Dave will be breaking out his Whike, a specially designed recumbent bike that incorporates a sail as well.

Seems like a pretty solid year of adventure for Cornthwaite and those of us who will be following his journeys. Thats an ambitious list of expeditions, but if anyone can manage, it’ll be Dave. Of course, it is all being done for charity, with proceeds going to the CoppaFeel organization to fight breast cancer.

Good luck!

Kraig Becker