Video: Mountain Biking Nepal’s Mustang Valley

So you say you’ve already trekked the Himalaya but still find that you can’t resist the siren call of those beautiful mountains? Then how about mountain biking through Nepal with adventure travel company Sacred Rides. They offer what looks like an amazing trip through the less-visited Mustang region that may be the excuse you need to return to the Himalaya (or go there for the first time!). Check out some highlights in the video below.

When do we go?!?

Mountain Biking the Mustang Valley in Nepal with Sacred Rides from Sacred Rides on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Video: Mountain Biking Nepal’s Mustang Valley”

  1. Hans, if you went to this area you'd see that these people are incredibly welcoming and don't feel intruded upon in the least. Tourism brings much-needed dollars – and opportunities – to these very poor communities.

  2. Agreed. My visit to the Himalaya was a beautiful experience in no small part because of the wonderful people there. They were so accommodating and happy to have visitors, and the impact of travel through their region is mostly positive.

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