The 2012 Patagonian Expedition Race Begins Tomorrow

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The calendar reads mid-February, which can mean only one thing! It’s time for another edition of the Patagonian Expedition Race, which continues to be one of the toughest, most grueling events on the adventure racing schedule each year. The race gets underway tomorrow, with 20 coed teams setting out on a 600km (372 mile) course that is guaranteed to push them to their limits.

Organizers of the event promise that this year’s course will be the most scenic and breathtaking ever. That’s saying something considering how spectacular the natural landscapes in Patagonia truly are. The teams will set off from Tierra del Fuego, make their way through the Darwin Mountain Range and find themselves paddling the Beagle Channel, while enduring the always fickle Patagonian weather.

As usual, the athletes will be trekking, mountain biking, and kayaking across the course, with plenty of navigation and climbing mixed into the challenge as well. The fastest of the teams will probably take about a week to finish the race, although ten days is the cut-off point. As always with this race, it is difficult to predict however, as shorter courses have taken longer due to the remote setting and the weather, which always seems to have an impact on the outcome.

Stay tuned for updates over the next week or so. The team to beat is no doubt Adidas TERREX / Prunesco, but there are plenty of strong contenders in the field, and the race could be as wide open as ever.

Kraig Becker