Running Across Death Valley To Inspire Others


On March 24th of this year, runner Ryan Mills will set out to run the length of Death Valley National Park. The course he has chosen wanders north-to-south and will cover 184 miles of total distance. He hopes to finish in just eight days, and along the way, inspire others to lead a more healthy, active lifestyle.

With that goal in mind, Ryan hopes to create a documentary of his expedition, which will follow his desert adventure. To help fund that film, he has set up a Kickstarter page where he is seeking funding for the project. He hopes to raise as much as $6000, which will go directly to paying for the logistics of the journey, including renting Jeeps, purchasing GPS equipment, and other items to keep him and his support crew safe while out in the field. As of this writing, Ryan has already been pledged $1286 towards that goal.

Our friend Ray Zahab ran across Death Valley back in August of last year, and found it to be quite a challenge. At that time of year, the temperature can be extremely hot, but it is the difficult terrain that can really make this a daunting task. In March, the average daily temp is about 80ºF/26ºC, so it shouldn’t be as tough for Ryan in that department, but the rugged terrain will be no less difficult to negotiate.

Lets hope the team gets the funding they need so we can all follow along in March.

Kraig Becker

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