Video: Hiking The John Muir Trail With Andrew Skurka

I caught this video this morning over at the National Geographic Adventure blog. It features uber-hiker Andrew Skurka and Gerry Mortion, President/CEO of EnergyFirst, hiking the 224-mile (360km) John Muir Trail. The two mean were able to cover the entire distance, from Yosemite Valley to the Mt. Whitney, in just seven days, averaging an impressive 32 miles (51.5km) per day.

The video serves as a great introduction to the trail and some of the amazing scenery found along its length. While not in the same league, in terms of length, with the Pacific Crest or Appalachian Trails, you will get an understanding of why the John Muir is considered to be amongst the best hikes in all of North America.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Video: Hiking The John Muir Trail With Andrew Skurka”

  1. The John Muir trail in seven days? Impressive. I wonder if he actually saw anything. So much for making "the acquaintance of the wild gardens," as John Muir himself took care to do. "I took no more heed to save time or make haste than did the trees or the stars. This is true freedom, a good, practical sort of immortality."

  2. Can't imagine why you would want to do it all in seven days and in the DARK! I did it early season one year as a through hiker on the PCT. It is some of the most beautiful country in the States.

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