Video: Redbull Supernatural Snowboard Competition

This past weekend a new snowboard competition kicked off in British Columbia, where 18 of the best riders in the world hit a custom built run that resembled something out of a video game. The event, called the Redbull Supernatural,  was created by Travis Rice, who also won the competition, was not without controversy. In order to build the wooden platforms and rails used in the race, a number of tress throughout the area were topped or removed altogether, angering environmentalists in the process.

That said, this looks fun as hell!

Kraig Becker

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  1. Well, shivers… Firstly, I live in Polish mounatins with freaks doing the same things every day… secondly, Canada has been my unrealised dream since I remember. Awwww. Wistful squealing from Poland, guys…

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